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Our Ethics Statement

For over 45 years Servo Kinetics Inc has remained committed to uncompromising integrity and elevated standards of business ethics, especially in our relationships with suppliers, contractors and consultants. That reputation is an integral part of our business.

We base supplier relationships on legal and mutually beneficial standards of conduct outlined in this Ethics Statement, and expect all related parties to adhere to the same standards with their employees and with Servo Kinetics Inc.

The Servo Kinetics Inc tenacious commitment to integrity is set forth in company policies which regulate the conduct of all Servo Kinetics Inc employees.

ethics, integrity, honesty
Employees must not only follow the “letter” of company policies, but also the spirit of each policy. The following Servo Kinetics Inc core values embody the spirit of integrity to which we remain committed.

  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Trustworthiness

Each employee is committed to complying with the Core Values as follows:

  • Abide by the applicable laws and regulations developing our business at a global level.
  • Avoid all conflicts of interest that arise between work and outside personal affairs.
  • Adapt to an environment in which equal employment activities extend to every associate of the Servo Kinetics Inc team.
  • Excel to achieve a safe work place and care for our environment.

Compliance Obligations

Improper Payments

  • Never provide excessive entertainment or give substantial gifts to a customer or supplier without approval. Ensure all gifts and entertainment are lawful and unveiled to the other party’s employer.
  • Do not offer law-breaking political contributions, payoffs, or bribes or any other improper payments to any customer, government appointee, or third party and always follow the law of the United States and other countries concerning this matter.

International Trade Controls

  • Ensure that all proceedings are examined in accordance with applicable export/import requirements.
  • Do not take part in any boycott or other restrictive trade practices prohibited or penalized under United States laws.
  • Comprehend and abide by all international trade control and customs laws and regulations.

Money Laundering Prevention

  • Servo Kinetics Inc complies with all applicable laws that prohibit money laundering.
  • Any employee that identifies suspicious activity must report it to their management.


  • Maintain and secure business records of individual consumer information, including computer based information.
  • Do not use or divulge consumer information in any way that differs from Servo Kinetics Inc concealment policies or with any applicable privacy and protection laws, regulations and treaties

Supplier Relationships

  • Servo Kinetics Inc only does business with suppliers who comply with both local and federal legal requirements and follows all applicable laws and government regulations regarding supplier relationships.

Working with Governments

  • Be both honest and precise when dealings with government officials and agencies.
  • Abide by applicable laws and regulations connected with government contracts and transactions.
  • Require any supplier providing a service on a government project or contract to agree to comply with governments policies.

Complying with Competition Laws

  • Never enter into contracts or arrangements with competitors to fix prices.
  • Never enter into contracts or arrangements with customers confining resale prices.
  • Never enters into contracts or arrangements with suppliers that restrict the cost or other terms at which Servo Kinetics Inc may resell or lease any product or repair to a third party.

Environment, Health, & Safety

  • All employees should report to management all spills of hazardous materials, any concerns that products are unsafe, and any potential violation of environmental, health or safety laws, regulations or company practices or requests to violate established (EHS procedures).
  • Conduct all actions in compliance with all relevant environmental and worker health and safety laws.

Fair Employment Practices

  • Integrate equal opportunity, honest conduct and a harassment-free work environment for all employees, co-workers, consultants and other business contacts without concern to their race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status or other features protected by law.

Security and Crisis Management

  • Implement extensive preparation to address security of employees, facilities, materials, IT assets and business continuity.
  • Create and upholds a safe working environment.
  • Protect admittance to its facility from unauthorized personnel.
  • Protect IT assets from theft or misappropriation.
  • Ensure proper business continuity plans are prepared for emergencies.
  • Screen all customers against terrorist watch lists.

Conflicts of Interest

  • Operate free from conflicts with one’s responsibility including business, financial, or other non-work related activities.
  • Do not allow personnel to use equipment, information or other property (including office equipment, email and computer applications) to conduct non-company business without prior permission from the appropriate Servo Kinetics Inc manager.

Intellectual Property

  • Value copyrighted information and other safeguarded intellectual property of others, and consult appropriate sources for licenses and authorization to use such property.
  • Identify and protect Servo Kinetics Inc property in a manner consistent with the law.
  • Consult with appropriate sources prior to soliciting, accepting or using proprietary information of outsiders, disclosing company information to outsiders, or permitting third parties to use the intellectual property of Servo Kinetics Inc.


  • Ensure all financial statements and reports prepared for or on behalf of Servo Kinetics Inc fairly present the financial position, results of operations, and/or other financial info for the periods and/or dates stated.
  • Follow General Accounting Procedures (GAP) in addition to all commonly recognized accounting ethics regarding financial reporting of transactions, estimates and forecasts.
  • Maintain and report all company records, including any time records, in an accurate, timely, complete and confidential manner. (Servo Kinetics Inc only releases records to third parties when authorized or required by law.)

Responsibility of Suppliers

We recognize that today’s worldwide regulatory environment is becoming more challenging, subjecting Servo Kinetics Inc and its suppliers to a growing number of regulations and enforcement. Servo Kinetics Inc will therefore only do business with suppliers that comply with all applicable legal and regulatory obligations in addition to those set forth in this Ethics Statement (see Compliance Obligations).

This commitment to full compliance is the cornerstone of a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Unacceptable Supplier Practices

  • Employing workers younger than sixteen (16) years of age or the applicable required minimum age, whichever if higher.
  • Failure to maintain comprehensive environmental programs.
  • Failure to maintain and comply with all required environmental permits.
  • Permitting any discharge into the environment in violation of law, issued/required permits, or that would otherwise have an adverse impact on the environment.
  • Failure to provide workers a workplace that meets applicable health, safety and security standards.
  • Failure to honor human rights of employees.
  • Failure to observe applicable laws and regulations governing wage and hours.
  • Failure to allow workers to freely choose whether or not to organize or join associations for the purpose of collective bargaining as provided by local law or regulation.
  • Failure to maintain and enforce Servo Kinetics Inc policies requiring adherence to lawful business practices, including a prohibition against bribery of government officials.
  • The transfer of any Servo Kinetics Inc technical information to any third party without the express, written permission of Servo Kinetics Inc.
  • Failure to comply with all applicable trade control laws and regulations during the import, export, reexport or transfer of goods, services, software, technology or technical data including any restrictions or use by unauthorized persons or entities.
  • Failure to ensure that all invoices and any customs or similar documentation submitted to Servo Kinetics Inc or governmental authorities in connection with transactions involving Servo Kinetics Inc accurately describe goods and services provided or delivered and the price thereof.

How to Raise an Integrity Concern

Subject to local laws and any legal restrictions applicable to such reporting, each Servo Kinetics Inc supplier is expected to punctually advise Servo Kinetics Inc management of any integrity concern involving or affecting the company.

  • Define the concern. (e.g., the person, the equipment, the incident, the company, etc.)
  • Identify when the concern occurred. (e.g., the date and time)
  • Identify the important facts.

Prompt reporting is critical. An Integrity concern may be reported by a Servo Kinetics Inc supplier as follows:

Call toll free 1-800-824- 0808

Consistent High Quality of Work!

Servo Kinetics Inc was selected because of their high level of simulator motion systems expertise, technical capability, and the consistent high quality of their work.

Director, Fidelity Technologies Corporation, Orlando FL

Thanks for the Excellent Job!

You guys are great. Your hydraulic servo repair service rocks. Thanks for the excellent job

Ann Arbor, Michigan

We Highly Recommend Servo Kinetics Inc

Servo Kinetics Inc provides the highest quality products and service available in this market and sector...if you are looking for servo-valves, maintenance and service technical expertise, you will find it here.

Safety, Standards and Regulatory Compliance, Southwest Airlines, Dallas, TX

Servo Kinetics Did a Great Job!

Servo Kinetics did a great job rebuilding our hydraulic servo pump. They even beat their estimated delivery date by 48 hours, and in our business every day of downtime counts.

Farmington, MI

High Quality of Work!

Servo Kinetics Inc was selected because of their high level of simulator motion systems expertise technical capability, and the consistent high quality of their work.

Director, Fidelity Technologies Corporation, Orlando FL


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