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Vickers Classic Factory Rebuilds

Vickers Classic Factory Rebuilds

Built to meet or exceed Vickers OEM specifications using all original metals.

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Servo Kinetics Inc has been the exclusive manufacturer of Servo Kinetics Inc Classic 2000 series hydraulic pumps and motors since 2006 (formerly a product of the Vickers® Corporation).

One of the most experienced and respected names in hydraulics, Vickers hydraulic pumps and other hydraulic products can be found in critical installations all over the globe. Pioneer of the hydraulic industry’s first fluid analysis service, Vickers continues to be one of the most reliable brands in service for defense, aerospace, industrial, marine, and mobile applications worldwide.

At Servo Kinetics Inc, we engineer and manufacture all Classic 2000 Series pumps and motors, in our Ann Arbor, Michigan facility, to meet or exceed Vickers OEM aircraft/aerospace quality specifications, using all original metals. When we return your 2000 Series unit, it will be equal to or better than new.

Your Vickers Classic hydraulic pump or motor is:


Rebuilt With Genuine Vickers Parts


Performance Tested For A Minimum Of 6 Hours


Warranted For 3‑Years Operating Time

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