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High Quality Hydraulic Repairs

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The Highest Quality Hydraulic Repairs

Every hydraulic unit you send in for repair goes through a rigorous quality process.

  • All Parts Precision Machined To Aircraft Aerospace Quality
  • All Parts Made To OEM Specifications
  • All Parts Crafted From Original Metals
  • ISO 9001:2015 Q/A Certified

Rigorous Hydraulic Inspection & Job Costing

  • Each unit is disassembled and thoroughly cleaned for inspection
  • Bearings and seals are replaced. (where applicable)
  • All internal parts are examined for reuse or replacement
  • Job cost is determined and you are quoted your repair cost

Rapid Customer Approval & Rebuild

  • Your unit is reassembled with new parts and setup for testing
  • Your unit is dynamically tested for performance under full flow, pressure, and temperature to insure component stability
  • Your unit is painted, and test reports are enclosed before shipping.

At the Lowest Possible Cost

Cost is always a factor in major hydraulic repair decisions. Our dedicated hydraulics experts stay up-to-date on the latest hydraulic repair processes and procedures to keep quality high and repair costs low. We get your job done right the first time.

At Servo Kinetics Inc, our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management process is second to none, and makes it possible for us to offer …

Ongoing Cost Savings

  • Up To 20% Off Initial Repairs For New Customers
  • Free Cost-Saving Hydraulics Tips
  • Special Savings Events

We know how expensive hydraulic repairs can be, and we’re here to help you reduce those costs.

In the Shortest Possible Time

In an industry where single hydraulic component failures can cost 10’s to 100’s of thousands of dollars in downtime daily, time is more than just money. Downtime can damage the reputation of your business – something money can’t buy.

At Servo Kinetics Inc, we offer the following time-saving hydraulic repair options to protect your business.

Ongoing Time Savings

  • 5‑Day Turnaround On Most Hydraulic Repairs (based on type of repair and evaluation of units)
  • Rapid Response 24 Hour Emergency Repair Service

We know how damaging downtime can be to your business, and we’re here to help reduce its impact.

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Consistent High Quality of Work!

Servo Kinetics Inc was selected because of their high level of simulator motion systems expertise, technical capability, and the consistent high quality of their work.

Director, Fidelity Technologies Corporation, Orlando FL

Thanks for the Excellent Job!

You guys are great. Your hydraulic servo repair service rocks. Thanks for the excellent job

Ann Arbor, Michigan

We Highly Recommend Servo Kinetics Inc

Servo Kinetics Inc provides the highest quality products and service available in this market and sector...if you are looking for servo-valves, maintenance and service technical expertise, you will find it here.

Safety, Standards and Regulatory Compliance, Southwest Airlines, Dallas, TX

Servo Kinetics Did a Great Job!

Servo Kinetics did a great job rebuilding our hydraulic servo pump. They even beat their estimated delivery date by 48 hours, and in our business every day of downtime counts.

Farmington, MI

High Quality of Work!

Servo Kinetics Inc was selected because of their high level of simulator motion systems expertise technical capability, and the consistent high quality of their work.

Director, Fidelity Technologies Corporation, Orlando FL


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