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Hydraulic Servo Valve Repair Services

Hydraulic Servo Valve Repair Services

Huge Savings Over The Cost Of New OEM Equipment. Servicing Vickers, Parker, Moog, Bosch Rexroth, Atos, Beach Russ, Yuken, and more. Call today for details!

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There are certain areas of maintenance where it may be safe to swap out vendors on a regular basis to get better pricing on components you send out for repair, but the area of servo and proportional valve refurbishment is not one of them. The recalibration and balancing of your servo and proportional are far too critical of an area for you to skimp on.

In virtually every application where servo and proportional valves are used, the machine is critical to the firm’s capacity to generate revenue.

At Servo Kinetics Inc, our state-of-the-art testing provides full application simulation to the valve under test. There is never a doubt that your valve will leave our servo lab ready to be put right back into service. All of the OEM specifications and areas of performance have been verified during testing.

Many valves require custom-built drive electronics to test all of their functions (which we have built into our equipment), allowing our technicians to fully interrogate each valve’s special functions. This separates us from our competitors, who often consider the installation of the valve on their customer’s machines as their final test. By choosing Servo Kinetics to evaluate your next servo or proportional valve repair, you can be sure you are getting better value for your money and higher quality.

From nuclear energy generators to wind energy generators, in the area of closed-loop servo and proportional valve automation, you simply cannot find a more qualified firm than Servo Kinetics Inc for your servo and proportional valve balancing and recalibration needs.

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