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Beach Russ Vacuum Pump Repair

Beach Russ Vacuum Pump Repair

Huge Savings Over The Cost Of New OEM Equipment. Servicing Vickers, Parker, Moog, Bosch Rexroth, Atos, Beach Russ, Yuken, and more. Call today for details!

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Servo Kinetics Inc began offering Beach Russ vacuum pump repair at the urging of our customers, and as Beach Russ announced their closing. After evaluating a size 15 and a size 30, we determined we could confidently rebuild and comfortably support both pumps.

We have expertly reversed engineered all parts that should be replaced in the manufacturing process. All parts remain dimensionally the same as the original part from Beach Russ, so interchangeability is maintained. Virtually all bronze and copper hardware items are replaced with new. A new sight glass assembly is also installed, along with a new solenoid valve. The housing main bore is machined to clean it up, and new steel vanes are installed to upgrade from the nylon type vane.

Every Beach Russ Vacuum Pump you send in for repair goes through our rigorous inspection process. We perform a detailed cleaning and inspection before rebuilding your unit with precision machined parts. Upon completion of the rebuild, we dynamically test your unit thoroughly to ensure its level of OEM efficiency has been met or exceeded. All rebuilt hydraulic pumps pass tough quality checks before leaving our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management compliant repair facility.

Your Beach Russ Vacuum Pump is:


Rebuilt With Precision Machined Parts That Meet Or Exceed OEM Specifications


Performance Tested For A Minimum Of 6 Hours


Warranted For 3‑Years Operating Time

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Consistent High Quality of Work!

Servo Kinetics Inc was selected because of their high level of simulator motion systems expertise, technical capability, and the consistent high quality of their work.

Director, Fidelity Technologies Corporation, Orlando FL

Thanks for the Excellent Job!

You guys are great. Your hydraulic servo repair service rocks. Thanks for the excellent job

Ann Arbor, Michigan

We Highly Recommend Servo Kinetics Inc

Servo Kinetics Inc provides the highest quality products and service available in this market and sector...if you are looking for servo-valves, maintenance and service technical expertise, you will find it here.

Safety, Standards and Regulatory Compliance, Southwest Airlines, Dallas, TX

Servo Kinetics Did a Great Job!

Servo Kinetics did a great job rebuilding our hydraulic servo pump. They even beat their estimated delivery date by 48 hours, and in our business every day of downtime counts.

Farmington, MI

High Quality of Work!

Servo Kinetics Inc was selected because of their high level of simulator motion systems expertise technical capability, and the consistent high quality of their work.

Director, Fidelity Technologies Corporation, Orlando FL


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