Servo Kinetics Inc has recently completed its state-of-the-art dynamic test machine for full-load simulation on motion actuators.

This unique test machine is the largest simulator motion actuators test rig of its type in the world. Designed by Servo Kinetics Inc with calibration and test criteria provided by the University of Michigan College of Engineering, the Servo Kinetics Inc team brought the test rig to fully operational status in September of 2005.

According to Servo Kinetics CEO, George Kokalis, “The test rig utilizes 40,000 pounds of strategically placed ‘dead slug weights’ on the actuator under test to simulate the load of a fully outfitted flight simulator thereby confirming that the actuator meets all dynamic load bearing requirements. This test machine represents a major risk reduction in motion jack refurbishments, and is great news for our industry.”

The world’s largest motion actuators dynamic tester will prove itself in production when used to test full motion actuators for the upcoming Servo Kinetics Inc C-130 motion actuators refurbishment project.