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Flight Simulator Repair & Refurbishment

Flight Simulator Repair & Refurbishment

Huge Savings Over The Cost Of New OEM Equipment. Servicing Vickers, Parker, Moog, Bosch Rexroth, Atos, Beach Russ, Yuken, and more. Call today for details!

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Many hydraulic motion platform operators are refurbishing their platforms to get more life-cycles out of them while waiting on the latest technology to arrive. Others are refurbishing because new equipment simply isn’t in the budget yet.

Finding parts for flight simulators that are no longer being manufactured is easy at Servo Kinetics Inc. We have reverse engineered and precision machined virtually every possible brand of leg jack part, and have been doing so for over 35 years.

Once completed, we test your rebuilt actuators on the largest Dynamic Motion Actuators Tester in the world to ensure 100% operational stability. And your simulator remains operational while your new parts are being fabricated.

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Flight Simulator Repair & Refurbishment

When it comes to full motion flight simulator platforms, we’ve been refurbishing virtually every possible brand of leg jack part for over 45 years.

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