Re-labeled, used, and counterfeit industrial hydraulics represented as new pose a significant safety hazard to the hydraulic industry. In addition, counterfeit components expose users to increased risk of lost production, lost revenues, potential liability, injury and death.

Servo Kinetics Inc has adopted a zero tolerance policy for counterfeiting and is committed to anti-counterfeiting efforts worldwide.
– George P. Kokalis, CEO

Counterfeit Industrial Hydraulics FAQs

Q: Why should you be concerned about counterfeit industrial hydraulic components?
A: Counterfeit industrial hydraulic components are unsafe. They pose a real danger to any facility where they may be installed. Counterfeit industrial hydraulic components also put your health and safety at risk.

Q: How big is the problem?
A: Counterfeiting has been a growing problem worldwide for more than two decades, and has increased by over 10,000 percent during that time. The International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) estimates the impact of counterfeiting on the US economy to be over $250 billion USD, and cost over 750,000 US jobs annually.

Q: What is the gray market?
A: The gray market is the term frequently used to describe the sale of products by independent resellers or brokers who don’t have a distribution agreement with the manufacturer.

Q: Why is Servo Kinetics raising awareness about the gray market?
A: Sourcing practices of independent gray market resellers and brokers put customers at a higher risk of purchasing used, altered, or potentially counterfeit industrial hydraulic components represented as new.

Q: How can I minimize my risk of unknowingly buying surplus, used, reconditioned, altered, or counterfeit industrial hydraulic components?
A: Buying from an authorized Servo Kinetics Inc (SKI) reseller will minimize your risk. Other than SKI, authorized resellers are the only source for new, genuine Servo Kinetics Inc industrial hydraulic pumps and motors.

Q: What should I do if I suspect an industrial hydraulic component of being counterfeit?
A: If you ever suspect you are in possession of a counterfeit industrial hydraulic component, contact the OEM immediately. At Servo Kinetics Inc, we track every industrial hydraulic component we manufacture.

Servo Kinetics Inc collaborates with the hydraulic industry to help governments worldwide prevent the flow of counterfeit industrial hydraulic components at borders, and eliminate production of counterfeit industrial hydraulics at the source. Servo Kinetics Inc is dedicated to the global anti-counterfeiting mission, and supports programs to disrupt counterfeiting efforts through education and training of customs groups, law enforcement, distributors, resellers, brokers and customers.

Additional Anti-Counterfeiting Resources