Reverse engineering or also known as back engineering is the process of recreating anything from metal parts, aircraft, or virtually any other type of manufactured item. By deconstructing the parts and going through every facet of the item layer by layer in order to recreate the item to the exact or closest specifications to the original as possible.

When it comes to reverse engineering it depends on the complexity of the parts and materials used.

Process Involved

The most common ways to reverse engineer equipment is by taking precise and accurate measurements of the individual parts and redesigning in software programs such as CAD. In most cases and for our example, hydraulic repair, these parts are made of some type of metal, typically steel, at which point after accurately measuring all dimensions and redesigning the part will go to be machined either by CNC lathes and mills, or manually.

The Need to Reverse Engineer Parts

Reverse engineering is important when it relates to many industries for a few reasons. It may be a part or piece of equipment that is no longer made and cannot be replaced. In these instances, reverse engineering and machining of custom parts is the only way to repair equipment to get operations up and running again.

Another reason is cost, it might simply be cheaper to reverse engineer and make the part locally due to the prices of the equipment or parts needed, or if it’s a difficult or long process to acquire new equipment or parts. In many cases simply making a new component is easier, cheaper, and faster, allowing you to get back to production.

Exploring or Improving Existing Designs

If your company has custom machinery designed and built for you for a specific task, reverse engineering can be a great way to improve on this existing design. Looking at the functions and parts of the machine, reverse engineering, modifying and producing a different variation or component can have multiple benefits. These benefits could enhance reliability, performance, efficiency, or operator safety.

Due to the technology and processes used today this is in most cases the best route to take, and can be done quickly, with high accuracy to get equipment back to work. In research and development situations, this is even more important allowing for multiple variations in design to be produced fast to create a new and unique working piece of equipment.

Product or Part Documentation

Some custom built equipment or machinery may have documentation or blueprints that are incomplete, missing, or hard to understand. Doing reverse engineering on the parts or machinery in question can illuminate how the part functions or was built, allowing you to have a solid understanding, as well as the capabilities to rebuild crucial components in the event that it needs to be replaced.

CAD Design

Using modern technology such as 3D scanners and CAD can make reverse engineering a much easier process than in decades passed. This can even eliminate the need to manually deconstruct some components and equipment, eliminating the risk or lost or misplaced parts. When a component is 3D scanned and all the measurements are used in CAD it can go straight to the machining or production process and cut out much of the work and time to do the same things manually.


In the world of hydraulics repair and rebuilding, reverse engineering is a must have to accurately and precisely recreate or redesign old or obsolescent parts and equipment. Thanks to modern technology, these processes have become incredibly accurate in creating an exact replica component or fast and easy designing of modified or complete redesigns of custom components for one of a kind equipment, or equipment that is no longer produced to OEM standards.

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